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We understand how difficult it can be to find the right provision to meet the needs of young people with additional needs and disabilities, which is why the ‘Aspire2Play Hub‘ is hugely important. The ‘Hub‘ will enable vulnerable young people to meet in a safe environment, where they can socialise outside school, form new friendships, and acquire the skills necessary to become more independent as they move into adulthood, therefore boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

The ‘Aspire2Play Hub’ is aimed at those with mildmoderate special needs only aged 16-25yr old.

The ‘Hub‘ will predominantly cater for young people aged 16-25 years of age, although we can cater for a limited number of young people aged from 13. The ‘Hub‘ will encourage young people to explore activities and gain informative and quality life skills, through a variety of arts & crafts, cookery, and sporting pursuits. Activities are appropriately differentiated to meet each young person’s needs, routines are in place giving a sense of security, and staff use simple language reinforced with visual clues to support communication.

As the program develops and grows we will introduce the young people to high quality organisations who can offer additional experiences and awards to enrich the program and the experience each young person will have whilst participating.

We propose to be able to offer a daytime session during school holidays, which may include off-site visits and activities. 


As we know the legislation has been replaced with guidance, however we have a duty of care to safeguard our staff and participants. We will request that:

  • You do not attend any activity if you or a member of your family have any symptoms of Covid-19, or feel unwell in anyway
  • We all practice good hygiene, for example covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing – remember ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’
  • We respect others, and avoid physical contact where practical and by giving them plenty of space
  • You wear a face covering if you feel comfortable doing so

The facility have their own guidelines cleaning schedule in line with government guidance, our staff will ensure all equipment and touch points are cleaned regularly and we will continue to provide hand sanitiser throughout.


The Hub is open on Wednesdays, participants who register can simply turn up and stay for as long they wish during the access times of 4.30-6.20pm. The Hub is located in the Ray Gray Centre, Stotts Road, Newcastle NE6 4UH


Please REGISTER before attending, it is a secure form and will only take 5minutes to complete. This will help us better understand and support the needs of the young person attending.


Download and print off

All parents / guardians shall be provided with emergency contact details for our Hub supervisor upon registration prior to attending the first session. You will always be able to contact us via email anytime


We (Quadrant Leisure) will be working with a number of like minded organisations to ensure a high quality service. Sport Works Ltd and The QFit Gym will be our delivery partners. We have to thank the National Lottery Community Fund, whose funding has made this project possible. The fund will ensure the participants will have no participation fees to pay until at least February 2022. We do operate a small ‘Tuck Shop’ with a drink and biscuit are 50p or individual items are priced at 30p each. Where we have any special projects, day trips or work for the young people we may ask for a small charge to cover additional costs.

If you would like to support our work, please visit our secure donations ‘Local Giving’ page using the button below. Thank You

Images of The Ray Gray Centre