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Quadrant Leisure is a Community Interest Company, registered in England in 2013 (no 08787573). As a social enterprise and we are committed to re-invest our funds for the benefit of our members and the local community.


Excellent opportunities to improve quality of life.


To support all young people as they grow in to a fulfilling and responsible adult life, Quadrant Leisure develop physical, mental and social opportunities which provide a:

  • A Springboard to improve quality of life
  • A Safety Net for those who are at risk or vulnerable
  • A Platform young people be the best they can be

To allow us to benefit as many young people as possible, we partner with organisations who share our mission.


Care – Always seek to understand and value each other

Lead – Be adventurous in exploring how we could serve more and better

Responsible – Use resources wisely so that we can sustain our investment in young people



Quadrant Leisure is a proactive social enterprise focused on ensuring every child has the opportunity to be heard, to be safe and to succeed.


We build partnerships across sectors so that we can share resources and expertise to secure the best possible outcomes for young people across Tyne and Wear.


We listen and actively engage with young people to develop our work and agenda. We have a fundamental role in ensuring our programs meet the needs of all participants across a wide spectrum of backgrounds including those from the most deprived areas of society, those with disabilities and additional needs, and those who need support to reach their goals.


As a social enterprise, we ensure we can deliver effective, appropriate and accessible activities and opportunities to children, young people and adults of all ages and abilities.


We offer a range of physical activities, enrichment programs and opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.


We provide valuable leadership and mentoring to all our participants so they can aspire to improve, maintain and develop and healthier and active lifestyle.


We have a wide range of engaging activities, social events and community clubs to allow all young people from all backgrounds to improve mental, social and physical wellbeing.