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Quadrant Leisure is a registered Community Interest Company (cic), we are limited by guarantee and based in the North East of England.

Our registered office is C/O John Willie Sam’s Centre, Market Street, Dudley, Cramlington, NE23 7HS.

  • Company registration number (UK): 08787573
  • UKPRN: 10062727

We work across the North East of England using sport and physical activity as a trigger to help improve, support and develop each individual physically, psychologically and socially. We do this by ensuring every person has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of age, gender or cultural background.

We believe by working with and for communities we can create a positive environment for people to make a change to their health and wellbeing, however small. To achieve this environment we ensure we have appropriate resources to help identify goals, provide a supportive network and to develop trust and confidence in all that we do.


Our vision is to offer a fully integrated portfolio of accessible facilities, learning opportunities, activities and programmes to promote health, physical and mental wellbeing to the whole community. We will do this by working across local and regional sectors with stakeholders to enable everyone to have an improved and longer quality of life owing to incorporating regular physical activity.


Supporting potential, development and growth


  • Empower people and communities through participation
  • Promote integrated, sustainable partnership-based approaches
  • Encourage individuals to realise opportunities for growth and development
  • Embrace the potential for life skills and learning



NE Youth offers youth organisations a range of services to help them strengthen support for young people in the North East.

It also offers young people the opportunity to engage in a diverse range offer activities and programmes that enables them to be involved, enjoy and achieve.

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